About Me

About Bruce Barney

I have been doing laser kit work for the Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association since 2004 and the Spokane Portland & Seattle Railway Historical Society since 2002. In 2007, Rod Loder asked me to create HO scale chip gondola extensions for his Espee-In-Oregon meet in Klamath Falls, OR. At that meet I met a fine gentleman, Larry Castle, who instantly started asking about other projects. Through his urging I started working on four additional kits that were located on the SP’s Cascade Division. That’s when I started my own business.

I would like to thank all who have encouraged and supported us. Especially Tom Dill, Tony Thompson, John Signor, Robert Church, Bob Sanchez, Woody Riggs, Bruce Petty, Harry Wong, Mike Yoakum, Rodney Loder, Tim Miller, and, of course, Larry Castle.

Thanks for stopping in and enjoy the work I have done,

Bruce Barney